Swami Sez is a notable segment featured on ESPN’s flagship program, SportsCenter. This segment gained widespread recognition and popularity largely due to its association with Chris Berman, one of the most iconic sports broadcasters in the history of ESPN.


Swami Sez was introduced as a regular feature on SportsCenter, a daily sports news television program, which has been a staple of ESPN since its inception in 1979. The segment became a defining part of SportsCenter‘s identity, blending sports analysis with entertainment.

The Swami Character

The central figure of Swami Sez is the Swami, an alter ego portrayed by Chris Berman. Berman, who joined ESPN in 1979, quickly rose to prominence with his unique and charismatic style. The Swami character is known for its flamboyant and humorous approach to sports commentary, particularly NFL predictions. Dressed in traditional swami attire, including a turban and robe, Berman’s Swami character would offer predictions and insights into upcoming NFL games in a playful and often exaggerated manner.

Chris Berman’s Influence

Chris Berman, born in May 1955, has been an integral part of ESPN’s success and is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in sports broadcasting. His style, characterized by catchy nicknames for players and a jovial on-air presence, has made him a beloved figure among sports fans. Berman’s ability to combine in-depth sports knowledge with entertaining commentary made Swami Sez a must-watch segment for NFL fans.

Popularity and Legacy

The popularity of Swami Sez can be attributed to its blend of sports punditry and entertainment, resonating with both hardcore NFL enthusiasts and casual viewers. The segment also played a significant role in establishing the fun and informal tone that would become a hallmark of SportsCenter. Over the years, the Swami character became synonymous with Berman himself, further cementing his status as a cultural icon in sports broadcasting.

Chris Berman’s Swami persona left a lasting impact on sports media, influencing how sports are discussed and presented on television. The legacy of Swami Sez continues to be felt in the world of sports broadcasting, and the segment is remembered fondly by fans for its humor, originality, and Berman’s inimitable style.

In summary, Swami Sez and the Swami character represent a unique fusion of sports journalism and entertainment, encapsulating the spirit of ESPN’s SportsCenter and highlighting Chris Berman’s remarkable career in sports broadcasting.