College Gameday on ESPN has become a staple for college football fans, combining insightful analysis, exciting previews, and, of course, the iconic Gameday guest picker segment. This part of the show has seen an array of celebrities, athletes, and notable personalities adding their flair to the game predictions. Here’s a listicle of some of the most memorable guest pickers who’ve graced the Gameday set:

Katy Perry (2014 – Ole Miss vs. Alabama)

Who could forget Katy Perry’s unforgettable appearance? She brought her unique energy to the set, hilariously picking teams based on looks rather than stats, and even famously tossed a corn dog towards the camera!

Bill Murray (2013 – Clemson vs. Florida State)

The legendary comedian showed up with his trademark humor, and his enthusiasm for Clemson was infectious. Murray even engaged in a playful wrestling match with Lee Corso!

Matthew McConaughey (2019 – Texas vs. LSU)

Alright, alright, alright! The Oscar-winning actor and die-hard Texas fan brought his cool, laid-back style to the show. His passionate pick for the Longhorns was a highlight for many fans.

LeBron James (2008 – USC vs. Ohio State)

The basketball icon appeared as a guest picker, showcasing his sports knowledge beyond the NBA. His charisma and enthusiasm for the picks added a different dimension to the show.

Brad Paisley (2015 – West Virginia vs. Arizona State)

Country music star and West Virginia native Brad Paisley appeared on Gameday, bringing a mix of charm and insight. His pride for his home state shone through in his picks.

Condoleezza Rice (2013 – Stanford vs. Oregon)

The former Secretary of State and avid football fan made her appearance as a guest picker, impressing everyone with her deep knowledge of the game.

Luke Bryan (2018 – Florida vs. Georgia)

The country music sensation added some southern charm to Gameday. His energy and enthusiasm were palpable, making for a fun and memorable segment.

Will Ferrell (2007 – USC vs. Idaho)

Known for his comedic genius, Ferrell didn’t disappoint, delivering laughs and some unconventional football wisdom during his time as a guest picker.

Kenny Chesney (2014 – South Carolina vs. Missouri)

The country music star and football fanatic brought a heartfelt passion to the show, sharing his love for the sport and his thoughtful picks.

Alex Rodriguez (2018 – Miami vs. LSU)

A-Rod brought his superstar aura to the set, showcasing his sports acumen outside of baseball and sharing unique insights into the matchups.

These Gameday guest pickers have not only entertained but also brought diverse perspectives to the art of football predictions. They remind us that at the heart of college football lies a spirit of fun, community, and shared passion.

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