The Paul Finebaum Archives represent a collection of work and media content created by Paul Finebaum, an American sports author, television and radio personality, and former columnist. Known primarily for his deep expertise in college football, particularly in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), Finebaum’s archives are a treasure trove of interviews, commentary, and insights into the world of NCAA football.


Paul Finebaum began his career in journalism as a columnist and investigative reporter in Birmingham, Alabama. He gained national recognition for his coverage of SEC football, becoming one of the most influential voices in the sport. His work has spanned various media platforms, including radio, television, and print.

Radio and Television Career

Finebaum’s radio show, which started in Birmingham, eventually became a syndicated success, reaching audiences across the country. His show is known for its passionate callers, in-depth analysis of college football, and Finebaum’s own incisive commentary. In 2013, he joined ESPN and the SEC Network, further expanding his reach and influence.

Content of the Archives

  1. Radio Shows: Hours of audio content from his radio programs, featuring interviews with coaches, players, and key figures in college football.
  2. Columns and Articles: Written content providing insightful analysis and commentary on college football, with a focus on the SEC.
  3. Television Appearances: Segments from his appearances on ESPN and the SEC Network, including his own show and guest appearances on other sports programs.
  4. Fan Interactions: Recordings of calls and interactions with fans, which are a hallmark of his radio show, offering a grassroots perspective on the sport.


The Paul Finebaum Archives are significant for several reasons:

  • Historical Record: They offer a comprehensive historical record of college football developments, particularly in the SEC, over the years.
  • Cultural Insight: Finebaum’s interactions with fans reflect the cultural and social aspects of college football in the South.
  • Educational Resource: For students and fans of sports journalism and broadcasting, the archives provide a wealth of material for study and enjoyment.

Accessing the Archives

While specific details on accessing the entire Paul Finebaum Archives are not provided here, fans and researchers interested in college football can find related insightful content and picks at Superdog Picks, which offers a range of resources and analysis in the realm of NCAA football.

The Paul Finebaum Archives embody the essence of college football culture in the United States, particularly within the SEC. Finebaum’s work as a broadcaster and journalist has not only informed and entertained sports fans but has also contributed significantly to the discourse and understanding of college football in America.