Lee Corso, the charismatic and beloved analyst on ESPN’s College GameDay, is known for his entertaining, headgear-wearing predictions. But beyond the spectacle, Corso has had some remarkably accurate picks over the years. Let’s dive into a listicle highlighting a few of his most spot-on predictions, proving that sometimes, Corso’s flair for the dramatic is matched by his keen insight.

1. The Headgear Debut: Ohio State vs. Penn State (1996)

  • Where it all began! Corso chose Ohio State by donning the head of Brutus Buckeye, and the Buckeyes triumphed, setting the tone for a legacy of memorable pick moments.

2. The Duck Surprise: Oregon vs. Oklahoma (2006)

  • When Corso chose Oregon over Oklahoma, many were skeptical. But in a thrilling and controversial finish, the Ducks emerged victorious, validating Corso’s pick.

3. The Trojan Horse: USC vs. Ohio State (2009)

  • In a clash of titans, Corso picked USC to upset Ohio State at the Horseshoe. The Trojans won in a nail-biter, proving Corso’s instincts right.

4. The Seminole Moment: Florida State vs. Clemson (2013)

  • In a pivotal ACC showdown, Corso donned Chief Osceola’s headgear, predicting Florida State’s victory. The Seminoles didn’t just win; they dominated, solidifying Corso’s pick as one of his best.

5. The Tiger’s Roar: LSU vs. Alabama (2019)

  • In a much-anticipated SEC matchup, Corso went with LSU, a decision that raised eyebrows. However, the Tigers pulled off an impressive victory, once again showcasing Corso’s picking prowess.

6. The UGA Upset: Georgia vs. Auburn (2017)

  • Corso picked Georgia to beat Auburn in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry game, despite the Bulldogs being underdogs. Georgia not only won, but they did so convincingly, validating Corso’s choice.

7. The Wolverine Wisdom: Michigan vs. Notre Dame (2019)

  • In a historic rivalry, Corso picked Michigan over Notre Dame under the lights at the Big House. The Wolverines dominated, making Corso’s prediction look like a stroke of genius.

Lee Corso’s predictions are not just for show – they often come with a deep understanding of the game, the teams, and the nuances of college football. While his headgear antics bring entertainment, these instances remind us that beneath the theatrics lies a pundit with a serious knack for the game. Whether he’s donning a duck, a tiger, or a Spartan helmet, when Corso makes a college football pick, it’s always worth watching. 🏈🎩🔮